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Please contact your respective Education Service Center for LPAC training.


The LPAC Framework portal,, has been updated with a new tab, “End-of-Year,” under the LPAC Framework section. Presentations, documents, and resources related to the End-of-Year activities are posted in this section for quick access, along with some new resources pertaining to end-of-year LPAC activities. This new tab includes:

  • End-of-Year Trainer Notes/Slides and Participant Notes
  • Exit Criteria Chart for 2017-2018 (English and Spanish)
  • End-of-Year Exit Decision Flowcharts with navigation video and accessible version
  • NEW! PEIMS Reclassification Guidance for 2017-2018
  • Updated suggested forms:
    • Parental Notification and Approval of Exit
      • This letter has been updated to exclude notations on pending assessments. Therefore, this letter should be sent only after final scores have been received.
    • Parental Report on Student Progress
      • This letter has been updated to include a notation for exit pending TELPAS.
    • NEW! Monitored Student Roster Form

The TEA testing calendar of events shows that the TELPAS INITIAL standard reports will be available on 5/14/18 to districts and the updated report data file online will be available 6/6/18.

These are INITIAL data files, released PRIOR TO NORMING, which will take place in the summer. These data are not final and shall not be used to inform exit decision-making. FINAL TELPAS score reports will be available on or before 8/15/18. ONLY FINAL TELPAS scores should be used for exit decision-making.

If you have any questions, please email the Division of English Learner Support at

LPAC – Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

English Learner (EL) Instructional Accommodations Checklist
The English Learner (EL) Instructional Accommodations Checklist allows the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) to document the identified purposeful linguistic accommodations for teachers to routinely implement in classroom instruction for EL students throughout the course of the school year. The document also includes a designated area for the LPAC to capture instructional recommendations and subjective teacher information to support instruction at the Beginning of the Year (BOY), Middle of Year (MOY) and End of Year (EOY). The EL Instructional Accommodations Checklist is also available in a PDF fillable version.

Use this link to download the EL Instructional Accommodations Checklist fillable version.


Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) Framework
The Language Proficiency Assessment Committees are charged with reviewing all pertinent information on all identified limited English proficient (LEP) students upon their initial enrollment and at the end of each school year. Districts are required to have on file policy and procedures for the selection, appointment, and training of members of the LPACs.

English Learner Identification/Reclassification Flowcharts

English – Identification/Reclassification Flowchart

2017-2018 End of Year-LPAC Exit Decision Flowchart Links

2017-2018 End of Year-LPAC Exit Decision Flowcharts

2017-2018 End of Year-LPAC Exit Decisions-Accessible Version

2017-2018 LPAC Exit Decision Flowcharts Video

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