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Bilingual Education Exceptions/Waivers for English as a Second Language

Districts and charter schools are required to identify and serve English Learners (ELs) through bilingual education or English as a second language (ESL) programs (Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 29, Subchapter B).

To the Adminsistrator Addressed Letter-Exceptions/Waivers for English as a Second Language

Texas Education Agency 2017-2018 Bilingual Education Exception and ESL Waiver Application web page

2017-2018 Bilingual Education Exception and/or ESL Waiver Application (Power Point Presentation)

The linked power point presentation provides an overview of the Bilingual Education Exception and/or ESL Waiver Application Process.

Now Available:

New Texas Gateway Resource

An overview of the Sheltered Instruction Training Series is now available on the Texas Gateway

The resource provides information about sheltered instruction and the professional development training series. It also contains a checklist to track progress in completing courses.

For more information on EL professional development availalbe on the Texas Gateway, download the Texas Gateway EL Courses and Resources flyer.

For information and assistance, contact txgateway@tea.texas.gov

2016-2017 Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) Video Vignettes

The LPAC vignettes simulate LPAC meetings of the suggested discourse for the following:

Beginning of Year (BOY):
Identifying English Learners
Review of Returning English Learners
Transferring English Learners

Middle of Year (MOY)
State Assessment Decision Making and Progress Monitoring of Linguistic Accommodations

End of Year (EOY):
Exiting English Learners Who Receive Special Education Services
Exiting English Learners


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