89.1229 General Standards for Recognition of Dual Language Immersion Program Models

(a) School recognition. A school district may recognize one or more of its schools that implement an exceptional dual language immersion program model if the school meets all of the following criteria.

(1) The school must meet the minimum requirements stated in §89.1227 of this title (relating to Minimum Requirements for Dual Language Immersion Program Model).

(2) The school must receive an acceptable performance rating in the state accountability system.

(3) The school must not be identified for any stage of intervention for the district's bilingual and/or English as a second language program under the performance-based monitoring system.

(b) Student recognition. A student participating in a dual language immersion program model or any other state-approved bilingual or ESL program model may be recognized by the program and its local school district board of trustees by earning a performance acknowledgement in accordance with §74.14 of this title (relating to Performance Acknowledgments).


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