(a)  School districts shall conduct only one home language survey of each student. The home language survey shall be administered to each student new to the school district and to students previously enrolled who were not surveyed in the past. School districts shall require that the survey be signed by the student's parent or guardian for each student in prekindergarten through Grade 8, or by the student in Grades 9-12. The original copy of the survey shall be kept in the student's permanent record.

(b)  The home language survey shall be administered in English and Spanish; for students of other language groups, the home language survey shall be translated into the home language whenever possible. The home language survey shall contain the following questions.

(1)  "What language is spoken in your home most of the time?"

(2)  "What language does your child speak most of the time?"

(c)  Additional information may be collected by the school district and recorded on the home language survey.

(d)  The home language survey shall be used to establish the student's language classification for determining whether the school district is required to provide a bilingual education or English as a second language program. If the response on the home language survey indicates that a language other than English is used, the student shall be tested in accordance with §89.1225 of this title (relating to Testing and Classification of Students).

Source: The provisions of this §89.1215 adopted to be effective September 1, 1996, 21 TexReg 5700; amended to be effective May 28, 2012, 37 TexReg 3822.


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